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Why Women Want Breast Implants

Why Women Want Breast Implants

According to statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, out of the 300,000 implant procedures done in the US in 2013, of which 8,234 surgeries were done on women in the age group of 13-19 years, 83,638 were done on women aged 20-29, 105,877 on women aged 30-39, 85,516 surgeries on women aged 40-54 and 6,934 for the 55+ group. These are porn stars or people whose career or income depends on breast size. So, why do so many ordinary women choose to go under the knife?

One reason could be that they are not aware of the natural means of achieving their goals. Information on and reviews of natural breast enhancement creams and pills can be found on site like TopBreastEnhancementCreams.org. Another reason could be that they want quick results, while the natural method takes time and patience.

Reasons to Go For Breast Augmentation

Here are some more reasons that prompt women to choose the surgical means of breast augmentation:

  • To look and feel better: Societal norms make us feel beautiful only when we have the right type of curves in all the right places. When one does not fit the societal benchmark, it gives rise to self esteem and body image issues for some women. They then need a quick solution to look and feel better and surgery gives them what they are looking for.
  • Relationship pressures: There are times when implants are chosen to save a relationship or when the woman gives in to the repeated demands of her partner. This is possibly the worst reason to alter one’s body permanently.
  • Post pregnancy: Post pregnancy, breasts tend to sag. This is especially true of women who breast feed. The process could distort the ideal shape. So in order to get back to the previous body and to restore and reshape the breasts, some women might opt for breast augmentation via surgery.
  • Youthful appearance: With time, skin tends to lose its elasticity, resulting in sagging of the breasts. So, to maintain the youthfulness of the body, implants come in handy.
  • Rectify asymmetrical appearance: The fact is that breasts are not usually symmetrical in terms of size and shape. But, for some ladies the difference is very noticeable. This asymmetry could be rectified with surgery.
  • Post mastectomy/tumor: The removal of one or both breasts due to cancer or tumor formation leaves a woman with no choice other than plastic surgery.
  • Accidents: Some women consider the option of breast implants if they have met with an accident that has damaged their breast tissue or has distorted the shape. Scars can also be reduced through corrective surgery.

Think Beyond Surgery – Go Natural

Barring some reasons like mastectomy or accidents, it is best to choose the natural means of breast augmentation. There are several options in the form of pills and creams made of natural ingredients.

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