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Why are Teen Boob Jobs Banned in Italy?

Why are Teen Boob Jobs Banned in Italy?

As of 2009, Italian law prohibits plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes for anyone who is below 18 years. Any surgeon found violating this law is to be fined with €20,000, along with a three-month suspension of practice.

This is because according to the Italian Society of Plastic Surgery, thousand of girls opt for plastic surgery exclusively for aesthetic purposes. In 2009, Francesca Martini, an undersecretary within Italy’s welfare ministry described this alarming situation in The Telegraph as, “A Wild West, cowboy style system of plastic surgery.” She further explained the reason for the prohibition saying that a “growing number of girls under 18 who have breast enhancement surgery purely for fashion reasons and have no idea of the risk involved.” The Italian government expects that this new law to help teenagers to come out of the self-imposed pressure of a perfect body.

During adolescence, the body goes through diverse hormonal changes. This is a time when it is important to allow nature to take its course and shape the body. In case one wishes to enhance one’s curves, natural methods like exercise, diet changes, healthy lifestyle, massages with herbal creams, etc, should be considered rather than invasive procedures. Websites like TopBreastEnhancementCreams.org offer detailed information on natural methods of breast enhancement, along with user reviews for informed decision making.

Complications Associated with Artificial Means of Breast Augmentation

Here are some of the major complications that arise from surgery, justifying the ban that Italy has imposed on teenagers wanting breast implants.

  • Surgical Complications include infections, hemorrhage, hematoma (swelling filled with blood caused by a rupture in the wall of a blood vessel), thrombosis (blood clot inside blood vessel), delayed wound healing and even skin necrosis. The individual might need to go through other surgical procedures during the course of her life for situation such as the need to heal capsular contracture, rectify implant size and shape, infection control and so on.
  • Local Complications could include capsular contracture, in which the scar tissue around the implants gets hard and causes discomfort and severe pain. According to Health Canada, “Capsular contracture occurs usually within two years of surgery, in approximately 25% of women who undergo breast implant surgery.” Deflation and rupture of the implant over a period of time, shell weakness in the implant and breast trauma are noteworthy complications as well. Other complications include deformity in the shape and size of the bust, varying breast sensations, mammographic interference, calcium deposits and nipple discharge.
  • Systemic Complications could appear several years after surgery. They include autoimmune diseases, connective tissue diseases, scleroderma, mixed connective tissue disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren-Larsson syndrome. Women with implants have also reported chronic flu, respiratory problems, infections and granulomas and lymph node involvement.
  • Psychological Complications usually include dissatisfaction with the surgery, being a part of the vicious circle of surgeries as a consequence of implants, being concerned about the artificial look and the fact that the surgery was done too early (during the teenage years for instance) could lead to higher chances of  psychological side-effects throughout one’s life.

Most importantly, surgery does not address the body image issues that usually prompt young girls to consider breast implants. If one is dissatisfied with the shape of their body, apart from working on body image and self esteem issues, one should first try the natural methods available to achieve the goal of breast augmentation.

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